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Thousands of Used Metalworking and Plastic Machines & New Machine Tools
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Machinery Values is one of the largest machine tool dealers in the world. Our more than 28 years of experience assures you that you are dealing with a professional company that knows the industry. Our vast buying power and extensive network of contacts provides you with the equipment you need, when you need it, and at a fair price. Each salesman is a specialist in a specific type of used machinery, which qualifies him to understand your needs and to offer suggestions and alternatives. Our vast new 200,000 square foot warehouse makes it possible for you to inspect the equipment you want, in most cases under power, and frequently, to choose from many comparable machines. Once you've made a purchase, our highly qualified technicians insure that your equipment is carefully prepared for transport so that it arrives at your location ready for work.

Fabricating and Wire & Fastener (973) 497-7520 fabricating@machineryvalues.com
CNC Turning (973) 497-7540 automatics@machineryvalues.com
CNC Machining Center (973) 497-7510 cncmachines@machineryvalues.com
EDM Department (973) 497-7600 edms@machineryvalues.com
Automatic Screw Machines and Gear Eqpt. (973) 497-7540 automatics@machineryvalues.com
Grinders, Hones, Finishing, Inspection (973) 497-7600 grinders@machineryvalues.com
Lathes, Mills, Drills, Saws, Tapping & Broaching (973) 497-7570 toolroom@machineryvalues.com
Boring Mills, VTL's, Planers, & Planer Mills (973) 497-7530 boringmills@machineryvalues.com
Plastic Machinery (973) 497-7540 plasticmachinery@machineryvalues.com
Presses and Press Room Equiptment (973) 497-7560 presses@machineryvalues.com
New Machinery (973) 497-7590 newmachines@machineryvalues.com


Grinders Andrew Valitt (973) 497-7600 andrewvalitt@machineryvalues.com
Toolroom David Valitt (973) 497-7570 toolroom@machineryvalues.com
Finishing Andrew Valitt (973) 497-7600 andrewvalitt@machineryvalues.com
Boring Mills David Valitt (973) 497-7530 davidvalitt@machineryvalues.com
HMC & VMC David Valitt (973) 497-7530 jdonahue@machineryvalues.com
Fabricating Rick Lazarus (973) 497-7520 fabricating@machineryvalues.com
Automatics Mike DeRisi (973) 497-7540 mikederisi@machineryvalues.com
EDM Andrew Valitt (973) 497-7600 andrewvalitt@machineryvalues.com
Presses Rick Lazarus (973) 497-7560 ricklazarus@machineryvalues.com
Plastics Mike DeRisi (973) 497-7540 plastics@machineryvalues.com
New Kori Lazarus (973) 497-7590 klazarus@machineryvalues.com
CEO Gene Valitt (973) 497-7500 genevalitt@machineryvalues.com
COO Art Lazarus (973) 497-7500 artlazarus@machineryvalues.com
Webmaster John Nunes (973) 497-7615 webmaster@machineryvalues.com

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