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60'' WIDTH 0.25'' THICKNESS Birmingham RH-0506 Double Pinch NEW BENDING ROLL, Hydraulicly Driven Rolls, Made In Taiwan


Reference Number: 137257

New Birmingham 5' x 1/4" Heavy Duty Hyd Bending Roll
Double Pinch Type
Model: RH-0506       Made In Taiwan
Note:  the photo is of model RH-0606 (6' x 1/4" cap)

machine is made to order - Not In Stock

Mild Steel Capacity: 5'1" x 1/4"
Roll Length x Diameter: 5'1" x 8"
Motor: 3 hp
Roll Speed:  197 IPM
Weight: 8,700 lbs.
Packing Size: 102" x 41" x 47"

 - Hydraulic circuits fully protected against overload.
  - All three rolls driven independently and hydraulically.  
  - Hydraulic pinch adjustment for two lower rolls.  
  - Each lower roll is equipped with an easy-reading LED indicator to
   show its reference position to the operator.  
  - Hydraulic pinch adjustment can be easily adjusted from the LED
   indicator reading.  
  - A Portable controller for moving around the machine for making
   rolls forward/reverse/pinch adjustment conveniently.  
  - All rolls are made of top grade alloy steel hardened up to HRC55!
  - Spherical roller bearings, which are very high quality made and
   sealed-in to keep out dirt and dust, are installed for all rolls.
  - The Planetary Reduction Gear and Pump outputs higher torque,
   driving the rolls powerfully and smoothly.
  - The Rolls are also manufactured in a camber design to compensate
for any distortion of the rolls from pressure during the bending
process - this design can avoid having finished cylinders in a convex
or concave shape.
  - The drop end is tilted hydraulically at the outboard end of the top
roll journal for easy removal of the finished work piece.
  - The drop end is strongly constructed and made to eliminate any
twisting tendency of the drop end resulting from bending forces.

Optional Accessories:
- Infinitely variable roll rotation speed.
- Cone bending attachment.

Price: $38,100

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