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Make Model Dia. Cap Motor HP Key Feature Year Price Ref
  Unknown CALL 150937
picture available Cincinnati 340-20 DE "Twin Grip" 1985 CALL 155209
picture available Royal Master TG12X4 2000 CALL 159056
picture available Cincinnati 340/20 6R CALL 159178
picture available Unison-Dedtru 188, DEDTRU MODEL C CENTERLESS UNIT, 5.0" 3.0hp "POPE" SPDL., HOLE THRU COLUMN FOR THRUFEED, CALL 154993
picture available Unison-Dedtru 233 RX 5.0" 3.0hp DEDTRU C6 UNIT, HARIG 618 BASE, 2X DRO, 2002 CALL 155038
picture available Royal Master TG12X3 1.5" 7.5hp R-M CONTROL FOR PREC. GUIDE WIRE CALL 155340
picture available Estarta EE-301, NEW 1971, OUTBOARD BEARING SUPPORT, 2.0" 10.0hp HYD. DRESSERS, WORKREST, COOLANT 1971 CALL 158795
picture available Cincinnati #2 OM REBUILT 2013 3.0" 15.0hp HYD. DRESSERS, ELECTRONIC VS DRIVE, COOLANT, W/R 2013 CALL 158590
picture available Cincinnati 2 OM, CNC RETROFIT FOR REG. WHEEL INFEED IN 2018 3.0" 15.0hp CNC DRESSER FOR GRINDING WHEEL, A CALL 159417
picture available Bryant 2CH, New 1980, Hydraulic Dressers 4.75" 20.0hp Work Rest, 1979 CALL 159263

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