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Make Model Dia. Cap Motor HP Key Feature Year Price Ref
  Unknown CALL 150937
picture available Cincinnati #2 OM REBUILT 2013 3.0" 15.0hp HYD. DRESSERS, ELECTRONIC VS DRIVE, COOLANT, W/R 2013 CALL 158590
picture available Unison-Dedtru 188, DEDTRU MODEL C CENTERLESS UNIT, 5.0" 3.0hp "POPE" SPDL., HOLE THRU COLUMN FOR THRUFEED, CALL 154993
picture available Cincinnati 2 OM, CNC RETROFIT FOR REG. WHEEL INFEED IN 2018 3.0" 15.0hp CNC DRESSER FOR GRINDING WHEEL, A CALL 159417
picture available Unison-Dedtru 233 RX 5.0" 3.0hp DEDTRU C6 UNIT, HARIG 618 BASE, 2X DRO, 2002 CALL 155038
picture available Bryant 2CH, New 1980, Hydraulic Dressers 4.75" 20.0hp Work Rest, 1979 CALL 159263
picture available Cincinnati 340/20 6R CALL 159178
picture available Cincinnati 340-20 DE "Twin Grip" 1985 CALL 155209
picture available Estarta EE-301, NEW 1971, OUTBOARD BEARING SUPPORT, 2.0" 10.0hp HYD. DRESSERS, WORKREST, COOLANT 1971 CALL 158795
picture available Royal Master TG12X3 1.5" 7.5hp R-M CONTROL FOR PREC. GUIDE WIRE CALL 155340
picture available Royal Master TG12X4 2000 CALL 159056

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