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Make Model Cu. Ft. Key Feature Year Price Ref
picture available Automated Finishing AFI-2H36 4.0 2-SPINDLE 1986 CALL 129516
picture available GIANT GBB-10, NEW 2007, BATCH TYPE, ROUND BOWL 10.0 55" BOWL DIA., PANEL TIMER, AUTO GREASE LUBE, 2007 CALL 158871
picture available Royson 3C, NEW 2010, RECTANGULAR TUB 3.0 14" F-B x 26"L-R Curved tub, 14" Height 2010 CALL 158317
picture available Sweco FMD-2.5LR WITH INTERNAL PARTS SEPARATOR 2.5 ROUND BOWL, USED IN A LAB, 1988 CALL 158082
picture available Unknown CALL 155102

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