Birmingham VH-1216-6 Powered NEW FINGER BOX & PAN BRAKES (HYDRAULIC)

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VH-1216-6 Powered
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New "Birmingham" Hydraulic 12' x 16 Ga. Box & Pan  Finger Brake
Model: VH-1216-6- Made in Taiwan
photo is of the 12 Ga x 8' model)

machine is made to order - Not In Stock

Bending Length: 145"
Mild Steel: 16 GA
Stainless Steel: 20 GA
Bending Angle: 0-135 Degrees
Beam Adjustment: 1"
Min Reverse Bend: 1/2"
Motor: 3hp
Packing Size: 185" x 47" x 67"H
Net Weight: 7,500 lbs.

Standard Finger Assortment, Width & Number of Fingers::
3" - 6
2" - 3
5" - 6
6" - 2
Total - 17

Standard Equipment:
- 24" Manual back gauge with slide and lock for all hydraulic box
and pan brakes

Optional Equipment (call for pricing):
- 32" Single Axis, NC Programmable P    ower Brake Gauge with
Germany ELGO#P8511

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