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  • 3-Jaw 8” Chuck
  • Removable Gap
  • Steady Rest (Capacity, ¼” – 2.5”)
  • Coolant System
  • Splash Guard
  • 4-Way Tool Post ( made in Taiwan)
  • 6” Diameter Back Plate
  • Threading Dial
  • Foot Brake
  • Center Sleeve (MT #5 x #3)
  • Dead Centers (MT #3)
  • Wired 220V (**440V – Optional additional transformer charge required)  
  • Tool Kit includes:
Machine Manual, Half Nut Wrench, Wrench 17m, 19m, Set of 6 Allen wrenches, Phillip Screw  Driver, Flat Head Screw Driver, Oil can, Grease Gun, Rear Way Cover Bracket, P2 sets of dead center, in for Indicator, Can of Paint
  • 13”x 40” Capacity
  • 7-5/8” Over Cross Slide
  • 40-2000 RPM
  • “VS” Model can run single phase electrics
  • D1-4 Camlock Spindle 1-1/2” Bore
  • Gap Bed
  • 3 HP Motor (2-Speed Motor)
  • Hardened and Ground Bed Ways (Rockwell 50)
  • Larger Compound, Tailstock, and Apron Allow Heavier Cutting with Less Vibration than Competitive Models
  • Vari-Speed, All Geared Headstock Housed inside a Sturdy Cast Iron Base.
  • Jog Button for Easy Gear Engagement and Inching Spindle
Quick Change Gearbox Offers a Wide Range of Threads
  • Capacity 
Swing Over Bed: 13”
Swing Over Cross Slide: 8-5/16”
Swing Over Gap: 18-1/2”
Width Of Bed: 7-1/2”
Width of Gap: 9.25”
Distance Between Centers: 40”
  • Headstock  
Spindle Nose Type: D1-4 camlock
Spindle Bore: 1-9/16”
Spindle Speeds: 40-2,000 RPM
Taper of Spindle Bore: MT#5
  • Threads and Feeds 
Longitudinal Feeds – in/rev (40): 0.0016 - 0.046
Cross Feeds – in / rev (40): 0.0005 –0.015”
Inch Threads (40): 2-56 tpi
Metric Threads (22): 0. 5 –12mm
Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter: 8 tpi, 7/8”
  • Carriage 
Apron Width: 11”
Cross Slide Width: 4.5”
Cross Slide Travel: 6-3/4”
Compound Rest Travel: 3-1/2”
  • Bed 
Bed Length: 64”
Bed Width: 7-1/2”
  • Tailstock 
Quill Travel (graduated): 4”
Quill Diameter: 1-9/16”
Quill Taper: MT#3
  • General 
Spindle Motor: 3 hp
Net Weight (approx.):  1,540 LBS
Standard Color: Gray
Dimensions:( LxWxH) 71”x20”x44”                                                                                                  
Specifications may be changed or improved without notice.
  • Electrical: 
Voltage:  220
Phase: 3 phase
(440 volts optional) transformer required for additional cost
  • Total Power Consumptions 
220V         3KVA/10 amps
440V         3KVA/5 amps
Optional Accessories:
380V, 440V, 575V Transormer - 3HP
4 Jaw Chuck 8" (QU)
4 Jaw chuck 10" (QU)
3 Jaw chuck 8" (Bison)
4 Jaw chuck 8" (Bison)
Follow Rest (capacity 0.4" - 2.17")
Roller Rest for steady rest, 3 pcs
Taper Attachment (factory Installed)
Quick Change Tool Holder set (Aloris) 7 pcs/holder
Live Cetner MT#3
Live Center with 7 Interchangeable points
Drill Chuck & Arbor (Jacobs)
Face Plate (12:) D1-4
Micrometer Carriage stop
Halogen Work light
5C Collet set, 1/8" to 1" by 1/16" (16 pcs)
5C Collet Closer set (Atlas)
Digital Read out Systems:
Fagor 20i D.R.O.
Fagor 40i D.R.O.
Acu-Rite 200S D.R.O.
Newall DP700 D.R.O.

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