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HK SERIES 30 - 34" Swing
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Kingston’s classic hollow spindle lathe–the original 12.5” bore HK
model – has been making chips for over 35 years under the most
demanding of work conditions. The HK consistently leads the industry
in heavy-duty oil country applications, with the shorter 30” swing
version being the most popular for its lower center of gravity and
maximum stability during heavy cutting. These models are equipped
with a powerful 20 HP Mitsubishi inverter-driven main motor (6P) and
a hydraulic braking system, with a semi-automatic air threading
attachment (complete with taper) as a popular option. The HK comes
double-chuck ready with an A2-20 spindle nose, and is available in
30” and 34” swings – with lengths from 120” to 280” between centers.
  • 20 HP, 230V (only), 3 Phase, 60 Cycle Motor
& Electrics Including Motor Drive Arrangement
with Mitsubishi Inverter & Hydraulic Brake
• 12.5” Spindle Bore
• Spindle Nose: ASA-A2-20
• Sliding Chuck Guard
• Rear Chuck Adapter Installed
• Set of Change Gears for Special Leads
• Hardened and Ground Bedways
• Tool Slide with T-Slot
• Thread Chasing Dial
• 4-Way Rapid Traverse
• Hydraulic Brake System
• Self-Spacing Supports For Lead Screw,
Feed Rod & Control Rod
• Coolant System with Pump and Piping
• Tailstock Safety Locking Chock
• 2-Speed Drive Tailstock Quill
• Pull Drawer Chip (Coolant) Pan
• UL Electrical Components & Cables
• Tool Box with Necessary Wrenches & Spanners
• Instruction Manual and Parts List
Capacity Swing Over Bed: 30” / 34"
Swing Over Cross Slide: 20.5" / 25.1”
Distance Between Centers: 118" / 159” / 198” / 238” / 278”
Width of Bed: 22”
Height of Center from Leg Bottom: 46.5” / 48.6”
Headstock Spindle Bore: 12.5”
Taper of Spindle Bore & Center: 3/4” Taper per Foot
Type of Spindle Nose: ASA A2-20
Number of Spindle Speed: 16
Spindle Speed: 5 – 300 RPM
Gear Box Number of Feed Changes: 40 Kinds
Range of Feeds per Revolution: 0.0024” – 0.0337”
Longitudinal Cross: 1/2 of Longitudinal Feeds
Leadscrew Diam. & Threads per Inch: 1.9” / 2 TPI
Threading range
 Whitworth: 1 to 28 TPI (50)
 Metric: 1 to 28mm pitch (41)
 Module: 0.5 to 7 M (20)
 D.P.: 4 to 56 D.P. (40)
Tool Slide Maximum Travel of Compound: 9.4”
Maximum Travel of Cross Slide: 21.2”
Tailstock Tailstock Quill Travel: 11.8”
Tailstock Quill Diameter: 5.1”
Tailstock Center: M.T. #6
Motor Main Drive Motor: 20 HP (15kw), 6P
Coolant Pump Motor: 1/4 HP
Optional Accessories:
Semi-Automatic Air Threading Attachment w/Special Taper
19.7" Steady Rest with Roller Jaws
23.5" Steady Rest with Roller Jaws (34" & 40" Swing Only)
Roller Bracket
7.9" Follow Rest
Telescopic Taper Attachment ±8° & 3.5”/foot, 19.7” Stroke
Drilling Attachment
Carriage Stops
Splash Guard (Factory Installation Only)
Chip Conveyor (Factroy Installation Only)
Digital Readout (DRO)
Aloris Quick Change Tool Post & Sets

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